To-Do-List 2017

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2017 coming through! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY Last year was crazy, wasn’t it? 2016 was the year of developments, love and facing fears. I’ve developed my skills, I started to open my heart more and I’ve faced my biggest fear. But besides the good parts, it has also been one of the most chaotic years of my life. Every day was like a rollercoaster, once you’ve reached the top, you’ll fall right down the hill

Pretty girls Monday “I’m a young woman on her journey of..” | by SarahWella

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Hi, loves! Welcome to the second edition of Pretty girls Monday. I hope you’ll like it!! —-  So, I found this pretty young lady on Instagram, she caught my eye because she is beyond inspiring and I couldn’t stop ready her quotes and listen to her voice. That’s when I sent her a direct message asking her for an interview and luckily she agreed. —- Name: Bianca Arielle Harris Hobbies: Anything, creative Life motto: Strive for

Pretty girls Monday “IT’S ART.”| by SarahWella

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Hey boo’s, I’ve started an Interview series named: ‘Pretty Girls (day of publishing)’ I came up with this idea a few days ago. The whole meaning behind this is that I want to push young powerful woman forward. I want to put them in the spotlight for a day because I think we need to admire woman more BECAUSE We, woman, are the most powerful creatures in the world. Don’t forget that. If you’re a woman

Interview with Anderson Aron and Alex Afíos

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A couple of days ago I met two amazing dancers on Dam Square in Amsterdam. I came from an audition and was planning on meeting my friends on Dam Square, that’s when I saw the boys. When the performance stops I went to one of the dancers (Alex) and asked them for an interview. Yesterday I spent the day with the two of them in their hotel: Westcord Fashion Hotel in Amsterdam. By spending the day

Photoshoot with FormidableZoë

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WELL HELLO MAH READERS ! Today I did a photoshoot with my girl: “FormidableZoë aka Zoë” in my hometown: Almere, The Netherlands. AND she made some bomb-ass pictures of me which I did post on my Instagram (@sarahwella) and if received a lot of comments/dm’s where y’all asked me where I bought some of my clothes.. so keep reading if you want to know where I bought them and from what brand they are. BY THE

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