Few people can help other people in their artist career in such a unique way. In her education she was one of the very best on didactic level combined with her own development a fantastic positive person that you have to make an appointment with.

lessons of the best artist

SarahWella has had lessons from the best people the Netherlands has to offer. She has had private lessons from Charlotte ten Brink, Krystl Pullens, Kelvin Muïs, Robin van Veen and Sanne de Winter.
She would like to share all this knowledge with you. But apart from Dutch coaches, SarahWella recently had one master workshop followt with “1500 or Nothin“.

Alexandria and Larry Dopson

SarahWella has had a full week of personal lessons from none other than Alexandria and Larry Dopson, also called Loving Pops. This father and daughter from Los Angeles are two great teachers and have guided the greatest Female and male artist, you can imagine. And therefore its very special and even a privilege to mention that SarahWella has been able to follow a Master Workshop with these two great people. All that knowledge is now available to you so take advantage of it as long as it is still possible.

On a beautiful location

Are you stuck but still want to get further. Then make an appointment with SarahWella. She has a beautiful location in Almere where she can help you further by motivating you in a unique way.


The lessons you get from SarahWella are more than just a little bit of singing.
Every pupil is guided in the way that suits him or her best. She looks at what he or she needs in order to understand and master the profession. That’s why SarahWella only gives private lessons for the best possible result. She does not make it easy for her students, but it is precisely the reason that the student make so much progress.

Make an appointment with a true professional

Combined with all the knowledge that SarahWella has in house, you realize that you are with a real professional. Do not be fooled by her still young age because she has been working on her career for yearser at home and abroad.

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