Photoshoot with FormidableZoë


Today I did a photoshoot with my girl: “FormidableZoë aka Zoë” in my hometown: Almere, The Netherlands. AND she made some bomb-ass pictures of me which I did post on my Instagram (@sarahwella) and if received a lot of comments/dm’s where y’all asked me where I bought some of my clothes.. so keep reading if you want to know where I bought them and from what brand they are.

BY THE WAY if you are dutch then check out the blog from Zoë:



Baseball “Bomber” sweater | Indian Baseball Genuine Merchandise by STARTER

I bought this Baseball “Bomber” sweater at a Thrift shop in my hometown: Almere, The Netherlands. The store stopped selling clothes, but I asked them where they got the sweater  from and they said: “some fabric in Rotterdam that saves 90’s clothing”.



Red Bodysuit “Above Average”| Zara

This bodysuit was also bought in my hometown: Almere, The Netherlands

Black High-Waisted skinny jeans | Berska

I got the jeans from the Berska in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



Rita Ora Adidas Superstars | Adidas outlet

I bought the shoes in Batavia City in Lelystad, The Netherlands at the Adidas outlet about one year ago.

Green Bomber Jacket | Berska

I borrowed the bomber from Zoë, but you can get it at the Berska.



I am probably going to make a look book with my favorite outfits to wear this summer, so make sure you already have subscribed to my YouTube channel (link below).


YOUR GIRL IS GOING TO INDONESIA AFTER TWO YEARS!! OH MAH G 🙂 I can’t wait to write about my journey and make a lot of photos. OH and I passed my exams, so nothing can screw up my summer 2016 (I hope)!


Anyways.. Enjoy your summer my loves and feel free to come up with ideas for my YouTube channel and blog! I am open for everything.

Love you

xo SarahWella






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Zoë: Photographer/Blogger/Fashionista


Instagram Zoë

If you want to do a photoshoot, just slide into her dm’s 😉

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