Interview with Anderson Aron and Alex Afíos

A couple of days ago I met two amazing dancers on Dam Square in Amsterdam.

I came from an audition and was planning on meeting my friends on Dam Square, that’s when I saw the boys. When the performance stops I went to one of the dancers (Alex) and asked them for an interview.

Yesterday I spent the day with the two of them in their hotel: Westcord Fashion Hotel in Amsterdam. By spending the day with them and doing the interview, I can tell you that they are one of the nicest people I’ve met and very gentle, also VERY HANDSOME!


So boys, introduce yourself?

Anderson: My name is Anderson Aron, I come from Paris. I’m nineteen years old.

Alex: My name is Alex Afios. I also come from Paris and I’m nineteen too.

How did you two meet?

Alex: We did competitions and I saw him during a battle and after the battle, we clicked. Then we started street performance.

Why are you guys here in the Netherlands?

Alex: We’re here for vacation.

What was the biggest performance that you guys did so far?

Anderson: A show for a society named: Procter & Gamble

Alex: Mine was for a tv-show named: Talent street

When did you start dancing?

Anderson: When I was twelve.

Alex: I started when I was fifteen.IMG_9316

What’s your favorite dance style?

Anderson: Hip Hop, of course, I mostly like to do freestyles.

Alex: New style, it’s a dance style that’s basically everything mixed together.

Are you guys dating someone?

Alex: No I’m not dating anyone.

Anderson: Me either.

Here in the Netherlands, we have dance schools like Lucia Marthas, do/did you guys go/went to any dance schools?

Alex: No, but I will begin next year at Juste debout.

Anderson: Nope, I didn’t go to any dance school.

Did you enter any kind of competitions or shows?

Anderson: Yes, I won dance street.

Alex: We danced for the Narvalow  city show and we also danced at concerts.

IMG_9341Who is your inspiration?

Alex: The girls, hahaha! Just kidding, it’s Micheal Jackson.

Anderson: It’s a secret :p

Is there anything that you don’t like about dancing?

Anderson: The blessures.

Alex: No.

Alex, I saw on Instagram that you can sing. Do you do it for a hobby or do you want to make it your career?

Alex: I do it because my father is a musician and my mom loves singing but, I don’t know. At this moment I don’t want to make it my career but maybe later.

And I also saw that you guys are in a dance crew, what’s the name of the crew and out of how many people does it excised?

Alex: We are with ten people in the group and the name is Undergroove.

Are guys planning on performing for a bigger audience?

Anderson: Yeah, of course, we want millions of people to notice us.

What do you guys want to achieve with dancing?

Alex: We want to become really famous and dance WITH famous people, not FOR famous people.

Do you guys plan to visit more countries?

Alex: Yeah, we want to travel around the world.

Are you guys coming back to the Netherlands any time soon?

Anderson: Yes

Alex: Yes, but not for now.

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