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 So, I found this pretty young lady on Instagram, she caught my eye because she is beyond inspiring and I couldn’t stop ready her quotes and listen to her voice. That’s when I sent her a direct message asking her for an interview and luckily she agreed.


Name: Bianca Arielle Harris

Hobbies: Anything, creative

Life motto: Strive for all things good and great


“I’m a young woman on her journey of mastering my crafts of writing, spoken word and singing, just here to find myself and share my story.”

Where does your substance come from?

That’s so funny that you ask because I plan to tell people, wonder where my substance might come from, but any whoo…

I grew up in a single-parent home. Just my mom and I. A black woman grew up in Bergen county, one of the richest countries there is. So that just wasn’t easy. Very uncomfortable at times. I’ve been homeless and on the verge of eviction a few times. And my relationship with my mom was a constant struggle as well.

About what do you usually write?

I write about my struggles and being a woman. Just getting thru life, really.

How did you start to write and talk to the people on stages?

As an only child, journaling was sort of always something I was drawn to. I had no one to talk to, really. But as for getting on stages and seriously writing and doing spoken word, that happened for the first time once I got to college.

I was pretty down and out. Had a lot going on as per usual, lol. I had officially lost my home, just my heart broke as well, and was struggling as a bio major.

And are you still in college?

No lol, I’ve been done with college for a few years now. But I was an athlete too tho. I went college on an athletic and academic scholarship. I played basketball.

What was college like for you?

Well, I had been so distracted and struggling with my class schedule that I did so poorly that semester that I couldn’t play. That was when I started writing like CRAZY. I had more down time. Was writing in my sleep practically.

The just so happened too, the same semester an open mic was organized at my school and from there I started to be recognized as a poet.

And I like college. I’m blessed to of gone. I kind of had my biggest heartbreaks in life during college so it’s like a bittersweet feeling when I think back.

What did you learn from that “heartbreak”?

When I said heartbreak I meant more than one way. Like losing my house and transitioning from high school to college and losing friends felt like a loss. My first big love left me for another girl. I was in a lot of pain for a long time but I just kept going. Tried to be as optimistic as I could. I went thru the pain that’s for sure. Not around it.

How did you lose your home?

Just became too much for my mother to handle. She was struggling to keep work. Had a driving school business when I was in High School. Guess when aged out so did her clientele type of thing. She was always struggling with depression. Just nothing was easy for her.

I see that it wasn’t easy for you as well. How did you process all of this?

I had a really hard time but I just always stayed away from it and her. I stayed at friends houses often, I worked and stayed with them. Always constantly busy, and writing of course.

What else besides writing keeps you busy throughout the day?

I love music. I sing as well, just working on finishing the branding of myself and giving people what they already love about me, spoken word and writing wise. But behind the scenes, I sing too. I love nature, hiking, working out, swimming. Anything positive and productive, really. I, of course, have a regular job as well as a counselor for troubled teens which I love. Doesn’t drain me like old 9-5s    . Still, have good energy left over for my craft and career goal work.

How did you become a counselor?

Well, I got my BA in psychology after doing so poorly in the sciences(I use to be a vet), I switched to my next best choice which was Psychology. So I landed this job at a group home for troubled teens in my field fairly recently.

And how is life for you now?

I can’t complain much at all. Everything is coming together slowly but surely for me.

That’s wonderful, I’m happy for you.


I want to thank this pretty lady for the interview and positive vibes!

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