International woman’s day | WHO RUN THE WORLD?..

Guess what day it is you guys??..


So based on this day, the post will be all about the women on this earth that I admire and who have inspired me to do better. So here are the women and some quotes that they have said plus why I love them so much:


  • Jessica Ellen Cornish, also known as Jessie J


Jessie J has been one of my favorites since I knew about her, so I guess since about five years ago. She has a powerful voice, has the control over it also and her performances are beyond crazy. She’s down to earth, loves her fan unconditionally and her music has saved me from becoming a whole different person. Her lyrics touch me every time and she definitely deserves everything she has now. One of my favorite quotes is the one she said before singing ‘Who you are’ in London.

“I don’t care what people think. I don’t care how many dislikes I get on Youtube. I don’t care how many people compare me to every single female artist in the industry that exist because we’re both white and sing. I do this because I love it and I do it because this is what I was born to do and I feel like I was born to write music and heal the world.”

  • Onika Tanya Maraj, aka Nicki Minaj


Onika has been my inspiration for many years now that I’ve lost the count. She’s one of the most confident persons on this planet. I admire her spirit and how she shows people how powerful she is. A lot of you guys might think why would you love somebody who raps about butts and says: “Fuck that skinny bi@# %*!” Well here’s an explanation, I really don’t care about the songs she writes about bottoms and topics that actually do not matter in this society. I go much further than that! She is really a caring person, a lot haven’t even seen what she did for her family and her folks on Trinidad. She that kind of person that would do anything for her fans. And because everyone thought she was some women who sang about bottoms only, instead of a woman who has a heart. And to let y’all know she’s actually someone with a heart, she created the Pinkprint. I know that there a lot of you who didn’t stand still for one moment and actually listen to her lyrics, so that’s what I will recommend you to do! Just listen.

There was one thing that she has said at the Prinkprint Tour in Nottingham, what had been my motto for a long time now and what also has got me over some issues:

“Ladies, don’t you ever depend on a man for shit.
Make sure you stay in school, get your education, give it your all.
I believe you’re perfect, and anyone who doesn’t appreciate you, doesn’t deserve you.”

  • Amy Jade Winehouse


QUEEN OF SOUL, do I need to say more? Even though she had struggled with a lot of personal problems she is still a legend. She left this world with her footprints of music. I’m gonna thank god for every minute she has been walking on this earth, she is really the greatest and deserved the title completely! A big shout out to this woman for being a great artist with an amazing voice and the possibility to speak through music.

She had spoken a lot about fighting and love, but what really had catches my eyes was this one quote I saw on social media:

“Life happens.

There is no point in being upset or down about things we can’t control or change”

These were one of my favorite artists that I wanted to put in the spotlight for today 🙂

And also to my beautiful woman who are reading this: it’s okay to admire the same sex. Give each other compliments, love each other and do not forget to also love yourself!

Have a wonderful International Woman’s day 🙂



Lots of love,







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