To-Do-List 2017

2017 coming through!


Last year was crazy, wasn’t it? 2016 was the year of developments, love and facing fears. I’ve developed my skills, I started to open my heart more and I’ve faced my biggest fear. But besides the good parts, it has also been one of the most chaotic years of my life.

Every day was like a rollercoaster, once you’ve reached the top, you’ll fall right down the hill again. No, but, like, for real this year hasn’t been that easy for me. I’ve chosen to let go of a few friends and made room for less. I’ve become anti-social and started to focus on other stuff. There was also a period of time where I didn’t sing and write anymore and I’m now trying to get myself back on the rails again (I have the flu now for over a month, but as soon as I feel better I’m going to start working on my music all over again in my home studio).

Because of the chaos and rollercoaster rides, I wanted to make a To-Do-List for 2017. So that whenever I feel lost, I just look the list up on this blog and remember myself why I’m doing what I do. The list will help me to reach the top without falling.

20 Things to do before 2017 ends

  1. Finish this school year with good grades
  2. Take one day a week the time to rest
  3. One blog post per week
  4. Upload videos on YouTube once a while
  5. Make more time for your friends
  6. Make some more friends
  7. Don’t forget to go to vocal lessons once a while
  8. Go to fitness once or twice a week
  9. Eat healthy
  10. Make covers for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc.
  11. Do something you’ve never done before, like parachuting or something??
  12. Clean up your room once a week
  13. Make more time for music
  14. Go on vacation to England
  15. Go to festivals
  16. Face all your fears untill you have none left!
  17. Throw a birthday party
  18. Collab with some of the greatest singers/rappers
  19. Collab with some of the greatest bloggers/youtubers
  20. Talk more to the people around you and don’t shut them off
  21. Never change your looks or inner beauty just because someone can’t live with the thought of you being you. Stay who you are even when you’re feeling lost or down.

I hope 2017 will be the year where I enjoy almost every day.


Thanks for reading!

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Also, make your own To-Do-List 2017 and comment it in the comment section or e-mail me the list.


Love you!



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